Analogue Photography

Hey Guys, how you doing?

Welcome to my blog entry about analogue photography! I remembered the time, back in the days, when i grabbed my Dads Cam (Canon E50) and just started shooting random stuff. Thats when i learned a lot about Photography.

But there’s no way to be perfect from the start, and there’s only one way to learn what you and your camera are capable of producing, and that’s just to shoot, all the time. Don’t shoot carelessly the way you would with a phone camera, but you also can’t let fear hold you back from creating some wonderful photography. After all, analogue photography is a long and patient process, and it’s the journey that counts

So i decided to get an old analoge camera again. I bought myself an analog Cam (Minolta X700) a few weeks back and started shooting analogue again..

i can tell you.. so much FUN!

Let me know in the comment section what you think!