Plastaway - A new way of living “plasticfree”


Hey Guys,

as you all probably know by now, I love spending a big amount of my time in or around Coffeeshops, it doesn’t matter if it’s the local one around the corner, a new pop up down the street or the hipster Coffeeshop in the trendy district where all the cool kids go.

A good Brew is what makes me happy.

As I am traveling quite a bit and I am always happy to find the best brew in town – I realized something! It doesn’t matter if Big City or Small Town - there is always so much waste produced in Coffeeshops – all around the World!

The Enemy is called “Single-used Plastic”!

Nowadays coffee is the world’s second most traded product, lagging behind only oil.

But, our global caffeine addiction comes at a great cost to the environment, and our coffee habit contributes enormously to the increasingly urgent plastic pollution crisis.

So I am joining my friends Marco and Oli , the Founders of Plastaway, a non profit organization from berlin, Germany, who are fighting against the “Single-used” Plastic pollution which has taken over our daily Lifes.


So I asked myself – what can I do to help?


I came up with 2 very simple Solutions.


Number 1 – The Takeaway Cup


It is estimated that around 2.5 BILLION single-use coffee cups are discarded globally every YEAR  This equates to a staggering of 5000 every minute. Yes you read it right – 5 THOUSAND Cups are thrown away EVERY Minute.

So I thought about and I bought myself my own Takeaway Cup. Its so simple right?

It doesn’t matter if it’s the high-priced Cup from this super cool vintage gluten free hipster Company or just the one from your local convenience store.

It just COUNTS that you will take it with you – everyday (I guess you drink coffee every day as well).

Just remember to take it with you. I, myself had the Problem at the beginning that I always forgot my Cup at home when I left the house – so when I arrived at the shop I said to myself - either I take my 5 minutes and drink the coffee in the shop - instead of taking it away – or I refused to get one – because I made the mistake to take the cup with me. You will see – after your second miss - you will never forget your cup again.

Number 2 – Plastic stirrers

 Did you know a bag of 1000 plastic stirrers costs only around 4 Euro? Yes it is! And there is the Problem! We do need something to stir our Coffee (I don’t – but I drink mine black or without sugar anyway) But there are so many People drinking their hot Beverages with a stir – so what can we do about?

There are two simple Solutions –

First stir your coffee straight away with a spoon in the shop – Its quick and there is no Waste produced at all!

But what if there is no time or no Spoons available or you have to run ?

Take a spoon or your personal stirrer with you!

Sounds funny but you will start with an amazing Change and maybe some People saw you and think how cool you are - in making a Change! We definitely need People like this.

The third option would be trying good coffee without sugar – which definitely tastes so much better … but that’s a totally other story I will talk about very soon.


 But there is also some hope from the other side – a lot of coffeeshop owners change their plastic lined Cups to the Cups with plant-based linings and the also use vegetable-based inks to reduce the waste! Just check out your local Coffeshop, have a chat with the baristas and ask them what they think and what they use! I am pretty sure they will love your takeaway cup much more then the usual cuo!

I hope this little Text will make you rethink the next time you’re heading out to get your caffeine fix – and btw the Espressos or Filters you drink – taste so much better in your own Cup anyway!

Stay brewed, Sascha

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